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Surely turns nutrition guidance into easy food choices
AllWork is a software enabled payments platform for freelancers and the Gig Economy
API Fortress is a continuous testing platform for APIs that helps organizations accelerate releases while decreasing risk. Shift left with our automated platform, and unify developers and test engineers on a standardized testing strategy. Integrate with your existing version control and CI/CD platforms to streamline workflows. Learn how enterprises are transforming their API programs with continuous testing at
Apt is a tech-enabled multifamily housing developer. We're developing tools and processes to standardize the housing development process end-to-end. Our mission is to create more quality, sustainable, and affordable housing.
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Like Reddit, for listening. Listen to your favorite articles, podcasts, audiobooks, and people, with Audyo.
Our mission is to solve the crushing labor problem faced by farmers today, by making collaborative robots a reality. To do this, we are starting first with Burro. Burro is a robotic platform that follows people and can autonomously run cargo around, relieving people of strenuous tasks which add little value, so that they can focus on more valuable work.
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Badaboom is an end-to-end supply chain platform that enables companies make successful private label brands in minutes instead of months. Companies use Badaboom to source quality products specific to their needs from pre-vetted offshore suppliers, and we handle all the logistics from production to delivery.
Behave Candy makes delicious, low sugar, all-natural ingredients, guilt-free candy.
BeyondRanked is a platform for booking commentators Our current focus is in the esports and sports industries but ultimately, our vision is to provide a platform where commentators can be hired for any occasion. If you have live or recorded content, BeyondRanked has a commentator for it.
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Biotia is a biotechnology company providing hospitals with tailored sequencing-based solutions to reduce hospital-acquired infections. Using sequencing and proprietary bioinformatics technology, we help hospitals to fight nosocomial infections and other diseases. Founded by Dr. O'Hara, Dr. Mason and Dr. Ounit, Biotia offers an active surveillance of the highest risk units, and incoming patients, and facilitating intervention before patients get sick.